Digital Art Director 
Concept Artist 
VFX Consultant


Specialized in Visual effects for Film, TV and the Game Industry

3D Environments

Specialized in creating 

full 3D environments for 

Film, TV and Games.

Concept Design

I can help you explore your ideas for characters or environments through quick, iterative sketches and illustrations.

Modeling & Texturing

I can create realistic 3D models 

which can be widely used for 

Film, TV or Games.

Art Direction

Experience in overseeing 

the visualization of new scripts and supervising and unifying the ideas, 

look, feel and mood of a project.

Matte Painting

Extensive experience creating 

environments or set extensions 

through 2D and 2.5D paintings.

CG Supervision

Experience in delivering any computer generated asset both creatively 

and technically within the scope of 

a VFX production.


My Career Highlights and Special Experiences

25+ years Experience 
across Film, TV and Games

I’ve worked for a number of top Hollywood Visual Effects studios making content for Films and TV series. 

I am now working for one of the biggest 

game developers in the world.

Achievements and 
International Awards

3 Oscars for Best Visual Effects

3 BAFTAs for Best Special Visual Effects

1 Prime time Emmys Award for 

Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a TV miniseries.

Broad Experience from Artist to 
Supervisor and Team Management

I have extensive experience from 

the artist level to Lead Artist, Supervisor 

and management roles.

Jury & Key speaker 
at International Design Awards

As a member of the K-Design Award and the Asian 

Design Prize jury, I aim to use my experience 

and expertise to inspire and motivate 

a new generation of designers and problem solvers.


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